Francis Discovers Possible

Francis Discovers Possible

  • ISBN: 9781647000745
  • Publication Date: May 3, 2022


Price: $16.19

Francis Discovers Possible is a lyrical picture book from Tony Award–winning producer Ashlee Latimer and award-winning illustrator Shahrzad Maydani that models joyful self-acceptance.

Francis loves learning new words. At school, when her class is reviewing words that begin with the letter “F,” someone sneers “Fat, like Francis.” Francis always thought “fat” was a warm word—like snuggling with Mama or belly rubs for her puppy. But now “fat” feels cold, and Francis feels very small.

After school, Baba takes Francis to the park. She chooses the bench instead of the swing set and gets very quiet. But when Baba uses the word “possible,” Francis wants to know what it means. They explore the park together, discovering what’s “possible” around them. Is it like airplanes, hovering in the sky? Or does it look like planting and how some things take a long time to grow?

“Possible” makes Francis feel warm and big—like “fat,” before someone else made her feel small. This ode to self-acceptance will model for child readers what “possible” might mean in their own lives.

“Full of heart and candor, Francis teaches us that loving your body isn’t perfect or easy, but it’s always worth it.” —Julie Murphy, New York Times bestselling author of Dumplin’


"Full of heart and candor, Francis teaches us that loving your body isn't perfect or easy, but it's always worth it."
Julie Murphy, New York Times bestselling author of DUMPLIN’

“A beautiful picture book about self-acceptance and finding joy in a world that doesn’t always make that easy for kids who are different: heartwarming and uplifting—two qualities we all need more of these days.” 
#1 New York Times bestselling author Rick Riordan

As beautifully illustrated as it is writtenFrancis Discovers Possible is a wonderful story about facing some of our first thoughtless comments, and remembering who we are even when we're hurt. In a world where more and more children are learning to name their feelings, Latimer expertly offers a common narrative of childhood shame, and offers the healing capability of our own curiosity.”
New York Times bestselling author Ashley C. Ford

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