Flying Horse (Once Upon a Horse #1)

The Flying Horse (Once Upon a Horse #1)

  • ISBN: 9781419776700
  • Publication Date: August 6, 2024


Price: $8.99

From Pulitzer Prize nominee Sarah Maslin Nir, the author of the memoir Horse Crazy, The Flying Horse is the first in a series of fictional middle-grade novels inspired by real horses and the people who love them—illustrated with black-and-white art by Laylie Frazier

Trendsetter is a horse destined to fly—in more ways than one. Sarah is a horse-loving seventh grader who has a secret and a fear of losing the one thing she loves most in the world. Separated by an ocean, a horse and a girl’s parallel struggles to be their best include lots of luck and grit, some stubbornness, and a few failures. It is only when they find each other that the two kindred spirits find themselves. Together they learn that what’s important in life isn’t greatness—it’s being great at being you. Inspired by a real horse and a real girl, The Flying Horse will make horse-lovers’ hearts soar.

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