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Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All How to Get the Perfect Blowout at Home

The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All

How to Get the Perfect Blowout at Home

  • ISBN: 9781419721069
  • Publication Date: October 18, 2016


Price: $24.95

New York Times Bestseller

Picture this. Your hair is a mess and you feel like a nut. You open your Drybar book and you feel better already! The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All is the ultimate handbook for at-home hairstyling. Author Alli Webb, a long-time stylist and life-long curly hair girl, founded Drybar in 2010 as an affordable luxury—offering women a great blowout in a beautiful and fun atmosphere. Today, there are more than 60 Drybars across the country, with more opening every day. Drybar’s book makes it easy for women to get the Drybar look at home. Webb shares her tried and true tricks and tips in three in-depth sections featuring more than 100 style-inspiration photograph and step-by-step tutorials. Bright, upbeat, and loaded with style and substance, this book will give readers everywhere a good hair day at home!


“All women know that nothing can be more important, and more life changing, than a good blow-dry! Alli Webb has turned that necessity into anempire! A wonderful empowering story of a modern entrepreneur!"
Diane Von Furstenberg

“A woman’s hair can dictate how she feels about herself, and Alli’s elegant, entrepreneurial vision has taken the concept of styling and created a revolutionary business.”
Emily Schuman

“As someone with less than enviable hair, I am grateful for weekly blowouts that always restore my look to the hair I should have had. Thank god for this book, Drybar, and Alli.”
Rebecca Minkoff

 “I truly believe that the concept of Drybar is revolutionary for the modern woman. Alli has made it possible to have perfect hair even on the worst of your hair days. This book is my new go-to!”
Molly Sims

“When it comes to hair, I take all my cues from Alli. I can't imagine getting tress tips from a better source of wisdom.”
Katherine Schwarzenegger

“Alli Webb is blowing out all preconceptions that looking good is something other than simply superficial. She, and her company Drybar, are empowering women to feel their best by simplifying the salon experience and giving women what they want: a good hair day.”
Rita Wilson

 “The goddess of blowouts’ hair bible for any fellow woman who has a fear o’ frizz and believes there’s nothing a glass of wine and a blowout can’t fix.”
Jill Kargman

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