Courage of the Little Hummingbird A Tale Told Around the World

The Courage of the Little Hummingbird

A Tale Told Around the World

  • ISBN: 9781419754555
  • Publication Date: April 11, 2023


Price: $18.99

Courage of the Little Hummingbird is a freshly retold animal fable about heroism, hope, and community, from award-winning creators Leah Henderson and Magaly Morales.

Across oceans, lands, and skies
In whispers, shouts, and in many different languages
The story of the little hummingbird of the Great Forest can always be heard

The story of the little hummingbird has been told around the world in many forms and across many cultures, and is believed to have originated among the Indigenous Quecha people of modern-day Ecuador. In this picture book spin on the globally popular legend, when a disastrous forest fire threatens the Great Forest, the hummingbird must inspire all the animals to work together to save their homes.

Lyrically told by Leah Henderson and vividly illustrated by Magaly Morales, this tale of bravery against seemingly insurmountable odds and a community working together to overcome adversity is a reminder that no challenge is too great, and that even the smallest of us can make a world of difference.

Includes an author’s note, as well as information on the origins of the folktale and facts about hummingbirds


“The art and the careful placement of text guide the eye through the necessarily chaotic scenes. This call to action is for the animals and for anyone who fears the insignificance of their efforts. It’s a powerful message, made accessible and engaging through both Henderson’s writing and Morales’ vibrant, vividly textured illustrations. Outstanding backmatter loaded with hummingbird facts and acknowledgement of the places the animals depicted here live in the real world rounds out this truly special offering. Brave the crowds to get this one, wherever you are.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Kids who feel especially powerless in a world that, like the Great Forest, is greatly threatened by forces larger than them, might find both the optimism and the honesty of the tale heartening. Spreads are fully saturated with vibrant colors and dynamic textures.”
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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