Chloe and the Fireflies A Picture Book

Chloe and the Fireflies

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781647009298
  • Publication Date: November 5, 2024


Price: $17.09

A gentle look at transitions and new beginnings through the eyes of a child in foster care—Chloe and the Fireflies is a warm picture book that expands the view of what a family can be

It’s always hard to be the new kid—Chloe knows that better than anyone. But for the first time, in her new foster home, Chloe feels like she doesn’t have to hide. Suddenly her life is full of sleepovers with friends, baking cookies, and living room dance parties. With the support of her dads and her community, Chloe is able to thrive like never before. When Chloe catches a firefly, she can only think of one wish: she wishes she’ll be able to stay. But even if her wish doesn’t come true, Chloe knows she will always treasure the time they spent together.

This gentle picture book is an expansive celebration of family love and community care.