Child of Glass

Child of Glass

  • ISBN: 9781592703036
  • Publication Date: December 3, 2019


Price: $18.95

A story about difference, exclusion, experience, and ultimately the embrace of one's core self, Child of Glass explores the interplay between inner and outer and the journey we have to go on to be at home within ourselves.

"To turn the pages of this book is to witness transformation in real time." —The 2019 New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children’s Books List

Child of Glass follows Gisele, a fragile yet resilient girl who was born entirely made of glass. Sparkling and luminous, she attracts awe and attention from across the world. But as she is also completely transparent and her innermost thoughts and feelings are always on display, she also faces rejection and alienation. Gisele must, therefore, embark on a journey to find her place in the world. In sparse, poetic language marked by insight and realism, Child of Glass reminds us of the inner courage and capacity for self-realization we all possess.

Child of Glass is beautifully illustrated in a painterly, collaged style that also employs vellum pages to help create the transparent aspect of Gisele. This is a story of layers, textures, and transparencies in every sense and so the use of collage and vellum is really exceptional.

“To draw is to tell. Everyone who feels emotion has something to tell. Emotions keep on changing, growing, as children do. My drawings and stories change with them.” So says Beatrice Alemagna, who was born in Bologna, Italy in 1973. Alemagna has written and illustrated dozens of children’s books, which have received numerous awards and have been translated into fourteen languages.  Alemagna’s The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy is also published by Enchanted Lion.

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