Chila Burman A Monograph

Chila Burman

A Monograph

  • ISBN: 9781849768559
  • Publication Date: October 15, 2024


Price: $60.00

A feast of color and texture, Chila Burman’s first major monograph celebrates one of Britain’s most exciting contemporary artists and her extraordinary body of work from across four decades.

Chila Burman is a British Asian artist known for her radical feminist practice, her joyful neon light installations, and her use of kaleidoscopic colors. Since the mid-1980s, her work has explored the experiences and aesthetics of Asian femininity and female empowerment, and the impact of imperialism, colonialism, race, and class. Informed by popular culture, Indian mythology, and Bollywood, fashion, and found objects, her work has consistently strived to challenge stereotypes and to champion equality.

This book, the first major monograph on the artist, will bring together Burman’s extraordinary body of work from across four decades. Featuring paintings and installations, photography and prints, video and film works, and a range of diverse voices, Chila Burman explores the ideas central to her practice, as well as her unique style.