Can You See It?

Can You See It?

  • ISBN: 9781647006631
  • Publication Date: April 4, 2023


Price: $14.39

From bestselling author Susan Verde comes a new series exploring the five senses through a mindfulness perspective, highlighting how they allow us to appreciate the world around us

When I am busy—
moving through my day, watching where I go—
looking shows me what is right in front of my eyes.

But when I slow down—
find stillness, and notice with patience and curiosity—
I can see. Seeing shows me more . . .

Gracefully written by Susan Verde, bestselling author of the I Am books, and winsomely illustrated by Juliana Perdomo, the Sensing Your World series teaches little ones to experience the world around them more deeply, using the five senses to find joy, connection, and beauty in the small, everyday moments. Can You See It? encourages us to look closer to see deeper: not just with our eyes, but with our whole hearts.


“Warm guidance. Verde is well established as a writer skilled at introducing concepts of mindfulness to young readers. Much good to see here.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Perdomo's digital art employs a sunny palette that reflects the joyful tone of the text… will be welcomed by anyone curious to see the world with fresh eyes.” 

“What’s the difference between regarding something and truly seeing it?... Verde (the I Am series) answers this question via accessible examples that also introduce mindfulness techniques… Crisp, folk art–flavored digital illustrations skillfully move between observations straightforward and beyond... Bold colors and kinetic swirls of images help covey a sense of wonder in the everyday.”
—Publishers Weekly

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