Bunny's Most Fabulous Vacation Ever!

Bunny's Most Fabulous Vacation Ever!

  • ISBN: 9781636551012
  • Publication Date: May 7, 2024


Price: $18.99

Bunny's plans for a perfect vacation are wrecked by an unwelcome surprise holidaymaker who changes her life in a most colorful way.

Bunny is all set for a wonderful vacation. Just like every year, she is looking forward to finding a peaceful spot for some rest and relaxation. So, Bunny sets off with her little camper van for one in search of the perfect solitary spot where she can relax and catch the ocean breeze.

She finds it, stakes out her space and settles into her routine. The next morning she wakes up and to her horror, a big purple monster called 'Bob' has pitched his tent right next door! Bunny's plans are completely ruined and her initial response is to try to rid her idyllic spot of this obnoxious monster. But events take a surprising turn and despite her antipathy toward the monster, Bunny's attitude gradually changes with the weather.

Brian Fitzgerald has penned a hilarious and relatable tale about mistaken first impressions, meanness which gives way to kindness, and an enduring friendship between two of the most unlikely neighbors in a tale of tolerance, understanding and harmony.