Bubbie & Rivka's Best-Ever Challah (So Far!)

Bubbie & Rivka's Best-Ever Challah (So Far!)

  • ISBN: 9781647005580
  • Publication Date: September 20, 2022


Price: $16.19

Practice makes progress in author-illustrator Sarah Lynne Reul’s picture book Bubbie & Rivka’s Best-Ever Challah (So Far!), a multigenerational story about family traditions and the pursuit of the perfect challah.

Bubbie and Rivka are not the best bakers . . . yet. But they are starting a new tradition. Every Friday they will bake a challah together!

Week after week, Bubbie and Rivka pull a challah out of the oven that’s not quite right. Once, it’s a little lumpy. Another time, it’s totally burnt! But no matter what has gone wrong, each challah is the best one they’ve ever made (. . . so far!).

As Bubbie and Rivka put their heads together to solve each week’s baking disaster, they learn something new about how to approach their next challah, fine-tuning their skills and ensuring next week’s bread will be even tastier. They learn that practice makes progress and persistence makes for some very special together time . . . and some very yummy challah!

Includes a Challah Recipe!


"Ruel’s bright, colorful cartoons perfectly capture the love and humor of learning to bake. Rivka’s and Bubbie’s large, round brown eyes, facial expressions, and body language dramatically express every emotion and reaction. Young readers and their grands will feel the love and connect to their own family traditions." 
Kirkus Reviews

"The blend of hand-done and digital techniques echo the book’s theme of new-meets-old, and its iterative structure underlines the idea that 'practice makes progress.'"
Publishers Weekly

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