Be Thankful for Water How water sustains our planet

Be Thankful for Water

How water sustains our planet

  • ISBN: 9781636550749
  • Publication Date: November 14, 2023


Price: $19.99

A gorgeous exploration of water and how it is essential to sustaining life on Earth.

Would life be fun without water? It would not!

Pools for lap swimming, ponds for row boating,
Lazy rivers for paddling and floating,
Canoe in a creek, sail on the blue sea,
And on a big lake stand on one ski.
Snorkel in the ocean, what's down in the deep?
Jump in and splash from a cliff so steep!

Using lilting, rhyming couplets, this book explores the many way that water is essential to our lives and the existence of life on earth. But it doesn't stop there! Kids will also learn about the many uses of water – and the environmental danger to water posed by pollution and lack of respect for this precious resource. Kids are encouraged to be kind, not only to one another, but to the environment as well.

Kids will view the many forms of water in our lives and will view it in a whole new light after going on an aquatic eco-tour in this gorgeous poem about water.

This book is printed on responsibly sourced, 100% recycled FSC paper.