Anna Strong A Spy During the American Revolution

Anna Strong

A Spy During the American Revolution

  • ISBN: 9781683358565
  • Publication Date: March 3, 2020


Price: $17.09

The thrilling true story of the female spy who helped save the American Revolution

Anna Smith Strong (1740–1812) was a fearless woman who acted as a spy for George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Recruited by Washington’s spymaster, Major Benjamin Tallmadge, she joined the Culper Ring, a group of American spies. General Washington placed a huge amount of trust in his spies, and Anna helped pass him important messages at a great risk to herself and her family. One of her cleverer devices was to hang laundry on the line in a planned fashion so that other spies could read the “message.” Had she been discovered by the British, she would have faced jail or execution. Thrilling and dramatic, Anna Strong tells the story of how one brave woman helped change the course of American history. The book includes an author’s note, a bibliography, an index, and a spy code so kids can get involved in the action.


"A captivating slice of little-known U.S. history." 

"A spirited book about a lesser-known historical figure. Recommended for elementary school and public libraries."
School Library Journal

"Overall, a great purchase." 

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