aama 4. You Will Be Glorious, My Daughter


4. You Will Be Glorious, My Daughter

  • ISBN: 9781910593004
  • Publication Date: September 22, 2015


Price: $19.95

On Ona(ji), Verloc Nim is the sole survivor of an expedition to recover Aama, the experiment that has transformed this desert planet into a landscape inhabited by lethal biorobotic creatures and plants. Having pieced together the events of his recent past—his journey to Ona(ji), his part in the deadly expedition to Aama’s source—Verloc finds himself physically transformed by his confrontation with the experiment. But will his extraordinary new powers be enough for him to save his daughter? The final volume of Aama, You Will Be Glorious, My Daughter, is the culmination of Peeters’s award-winning series—a gripping blend of breathless action, existentialism, and suspense, and a spectacular vision of the distant future.

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