Craft Errata: Weekend Sewing

Your edition of this book may contain errors in the patterns listed below; the corrections for these errors appear in bold type. Some tips and clarifications have also been included here which may help you complete the projects in this book.


Everything Tote Bag Page 15 Under Materials, the amount of fabric required is incorrect. You will need 1 yard each of the main and lining fabrics.


Guest-Room Pillowcase Page 42 The finished dimensions of this project are 19 1/2″ wide  x 27 1/2″ long. The main fabric for the pillowcase is a 40 1/2” x 33 5/8” rectangle. When laying out the main fabric in Step 1, make sure that the rectangle is laid out vertically (not horizontally), with the trim sewn parallel to the 40 1/2” length of fabric.In Step 1, Place the folded trim strip on top of the pillowcase fabric so that the trim’s raw edges are 11″ from the pillowcase fabric’s edge. In Step 3, fold the two shorter edges to meet, yielding a 28 1/4” wide x 20” long pillowcase.


Pajama Pants for Everyone Page 77 The fabric requirements and layout diagram will work only for the smaller sizes. If you are making the adult size medium or large, you will need 2 1/2 yards of fabric.


Summer Blouse Page 80 The “sleeve” pattern piece for this project is missing markings. There should have been dots indicating where to begin and end basting stitches along the edge at the shoulder. Basting stitches should be placed along the curve that will become your shoulder, starting and ending about three inches from each corner.


Trapeze Sun Dress Page 87 In Step 4, text should read: …fold, pin, and press three box pleats in the Dress Front and one in the Dress Back. The illustrations for Steps 4 and 7 should show the correct number of pleats, as well.


Yard-Sale Wrap Skirt Page 97 This skirt requires the joining of at least eight panels, not five. Note that since all the skirt panels are cut from the same pattern piece, you’ll have to move the pattern piece three times to cut out all eight pieces needed. For size 10-14, add two panels. For sizes 16-20, add four panels. For each panel added, make the waistband ties eight inches longer. Once your panels have been joined, test them by wrapping them around your waist. Then do the same with your waistband. Then attach your waistband to your skirt.


Please see the revised pattern layout (step 1) and skirt panel layout here.


Flower Girl Dress – Tip Page 132 The bodice on this dress is meant to fit comfortably but snugly against the wearers chest. In order to ensure a perfect fit, follow the instructions below to customize your pattern piece.


To make this dress easier to put on and take off, do not attach straps to the back of the dress. Instead, use sew-on snaps or buttons to make them detachable.


Lucy’s Kimono
Page 139
Under Materials, you will need 1 ½ yards of contrasting, double-fold, 1/4″-wide bias tape.


In Steps 1 and 6, ignore the references to the tie placements transferred from the pattern. These are not on the pattern sheet and are instead determined by measuring 1/2″ below the bottom of the Sleeve, as explained in the instructions.


In Step 3, text should read: With fabric’s right sides together…