Craft Errata: Wee Wonderfuls

Your edition of this book may contain errors in the following patterns; the corrections for these errors appear in bold type:

Evelyn Inchworm
Page 9
On page 129, the pattern piece for Evelyn Inchworm’s Gusset (B) is incorrect. Please use the correct version found here.

Page 25
Under Materials, the following measurements should be changed:
22″ x 16″ (1/2 yd.) cotton print for Dressed Down’s dress
22″ x 16″ (1/2 yd.) cotton print for Dressed Up’s dress
11″ x 22″ (1/2 yd.) accent fabric for Dressed Up’s waistband, collar, and scalloped hem.

In Step 1, 4 paragraphs down, change dimensions to: “…and a 3” x 6” rectangle for the apron’s bib.”

In Step 9, change dimensions to: “…fold the 3” x 6” bib fabric in half…to get a 3” x 3” piece…”

In Step 13, change the dimensions to: “…fold Dressed Up’s 22” x 7” rectangle of accent fabric in half…to get a 22” x 3 1/2” piece.”

On page 135, the Collar pattern (D) and Scallops pattern (E) are the wrong size. You can download the correct size pattern pieces here.

Little Miss Storybook
Pages 161 – 162
In the Pattern Piece section, the piece “L – Hood” is too small for the cape. Also, the piece “F – Arm” is included twice, and the piece for “E –Bottom” is missing.

Click on the name of the pattern piece for a full-size, downloadable PDF file of both the “L – Hood” replacement and “E – Bottom“.