Craft Errata: Reversible Knitting

Your edition of this book may contain errors in the following patterns; the corrections for these errors appear in bold type:


Folded Mini Dress
Page 118
Rnd 19 of Folded Fabric should read: pick up sts 9-12 of current repeat….

Page 120
Second column, under second Next Rnd from top, next-to-last line should read: Work even for 2 rnds. Work to side marker; transfer last 72 (84, 96….

Row 1 under BACK, next-to-last line should read: ball of yarn, slip 1 purlwise, k1, p1, knit to last 5 (7,…. [delete “(0, 0, 0, 0, 0)”]

Row 2 under BACK, first line should read: Right Back: BO 0 (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) sts in pattern, p1 (0, 0, 0, 0, 0), k1, p1, k1,….

Page 138
Second paragraph should read: Repeat Increase Rows 2 LS LC and DS DC once—21 sts.

Syncopated Row 2 LS DC, last line, should be 4 times, not 3 times.

Page 139
Syncopated Row 10 LS LC, second line, change the parentheses “)” after “slyof” at the beginning of the row to a bracket “]”, and delete the comma. So it reads “sl1yof] twice, brp1….”

Reverse Me
Page 146
Tip for Knitting the Collar:
The reason the collar lengths are longer for the smaller sizes than for the larger sizes is because the length is largely dependent on the length of the front after all the bottom shaping is complete. The larger sizes will have more front sts when the bottom shaping is complete, so they require more rows to complete the shaping. This means that the slanted shaping section that you see on the Right Front/Sleeve on the schematic will be longer for the larger sizes than for the smaller sizes. And since the total front length is nearly the same for all the sizes, the straight section of the front that has no shaping will be shorter for the larger sizes than for the smaller sizes. Since the collar is intended to be sewn along the unshaped front section, it will have to be longer for the smaller sizes than the larger sizes.

Tip for Knitting the Cable Bands:
There is no specific row on which to end the cable bands. Because the vertical repeat of the cable pattern is very long (roughly 5″), it would be impossible to end the pattern for all sizes so that the ends mirrored each other. In order to do so, each band would have to be shortened or lengthened in order to make the patterns match, therefore making the pieces too short or too long to fit the measurements needed. If you wish to try to mirror the pattern, you could end with Row 31.