Craft Errata : Punk Knits

Your edition of this book may contain the following errors, which appear in bold type:

New York Dolly (Page 102)

On page 105, under Shape Shoulders and Neck:
(RS) BO 3 sts, work 11 sts, join  a second ball of yarn and BO center 20 sts, work to end.

On page 106, under Shape Body, add the following text:
Purl 1 row, dropping all yo’s–30 sts remain. Work even until piece measures 24″ from the beginning, ending with a RS row.

Change to St st, omitting openwork border. BO 3 sts at beginning of row, then decrease 1 st at armhole edge every other row 4 times–23 sts remain. Work even until armhole measures 6 3/4″, ending with a WS row.


On page 107, under Neck Edging:
WS facing, using larger circ needle and 2 strands of B held together…