Craft Errata: Past & Present

Wallflower Hangings
Page 53
Under Step 5, the reference to a chart on page 128 should be removed. Instead, please refer to the written instructions in Step 5, the photograph on page 52, and the chart on page 120 for information on how to assemble the petals.

Cover Illustration: the central motif was designed by Shanna Murray; all other cover illustrations by Julia Rothman.
Photostylist: Randi Brookman Harris
Many thanks to the following shops and individuals for supplying the following furnishings:
Dienst + Dotter (, for the Gustavian-style chair, medium frame with purple paper, chandelier and toy rabbit on page 64.
DwellStudio (, for the bedding on page 60.
Earth Sea Warrior (, for the neon lamp cord on page 80.
Herriott Grace (, for the small wooden cake stand on page 98.
Kea Carpets and Kilims (, for the rugs on pages 42, 44, and 76.
Amy Merrick, for the rooster lamp on page 60.
Sprout Home (, for planting the coffee table terrarium on pages 42 and 44.
Michele Varian (, for the Giant Chalk Globe on page 30.
West Elm (, for the yellow table on page 106 and the tray table on page 110.