Craft Errata: Modern Top-Down Knitting

Your edition of this book may contain errors in the following patterns; the corrections for these errors appear in bold type:

Soho Smocked Dress
Page 31
On the schematic, the following numbers should change: on the left hand side, the length of garment measurements should be: 39 3/4 (40 3/4, 42 1/2, 43 3/4, 44 1/2, 45 3/4)”; on the right hand side, the waist length measurement should be 7″.

On page 32, beneath the last line under Shape Waist (NEXT RND: Work Rnds 1-10, etc), add the following Customizing Tip: You may wish to work fewer or more vertical repeats of Smocked Pattern, to ensure that the waist ends where you want it to.”

Pleated Arm Warmers
Page 36
Under Begin Pattern, text should read:
Work Rnds 1-16 of Tuck Pattern 3 times, then Rnd 1 once (piece should measure approximately 2″).

Under Arm, text should read:
Work even for 7″, or to desired length from Increase Rnd 2. Cut yarn, leaving a tail 4 times the circumference of the arm warmer. BO all sts using sewn BO, as follows: Thread tail through tapestry needle. Working from right to left, *thread tapestry needle through first 2 sts purlwise, then through front of first st knitwise. Pull yarn snug and slip st off needle. Repeat from * until all sts are BO.

Layered Ruffle Sweater
Page 53
Schematic is missing dotted lines showing where ruffles should be attached. Click here for a revised schematic.

Suspension Dress
Page 57
Under BODICE, third line should read: Work in Slip Stitch Pattern until piece measures approximately 5 3/4 (6, 6 1/2, 6 3/4, 7 1/4, 7 1/2)” from the beginning, or to approximately 2″ below your bust, ending with Rnd 2….”

On the schematic, the bodice lengths (the bottom of the 2 measurements on the right-hand side of the BACK AND FRONT) should be: 5 3/4 (6, 6 1/2, 6 3/4, 7 1/4, 7 1/2)”; and the total length (left-hand measurement) should be: 27 3/4 (28 1/4, 29, 29 1/2, 30 1/4, 30 3/4)”. Click here to download a jpeg of the revised schematic.

Mulberry Hat
Page 87
Under Shape Crown, text should read:
Next Rnd: *K17 (18, 19), pm; repeat from * 6 times, knit to end.

Museum Tunic
Page 93
Under Finishing, the first sentence of the second paragraph should read:
Work 1 rnd sc around armholes and 2 rnds sc along bottom edge.

Annie Hat
Page 105
Under Notions, the pattern should call for approximately seven 12″-long pipe cleaners, and 3 yards of 1/2″-wide trim.
Under Notes, The Brim is shaped by working rounds of single crochet over linked pipe cleaners and bound-off edge…Link 3 pipe cleaners together for first section and 4 for second section.

Coney Sweater
Page 118
Under BACK, Shape Shoulders, text should read:
Rows 1 (WS) and 2: Work to second marker….

Jill’s Dress
Page 124
Under Finishing, text should read: Work 1 rnd sc around armholes, neckline, and bottom edge, working 1 sc in every st across Back neck and bottom edge, and 1 sc…

On the schematic, the dotted line for the center-vertical crochet seam should continue in the 1″ space leading up to the V of the neck.

Promenade Dress
Page 140
Under Shape Neck, the text should read: Increase 1 st each side this row, the every other row…


Fox in the Snow
Pages 130-131

For the Fox in the Snow CHART, please disregard the information below the chart that indicates when to begin and end for each size, and which stitches to repeat. Working the chart from right to left, you should work for your size as follows:

S/M: Work sts 97-175, skip sts 176-191, then work sts 192-208.
M/L: Work sts 102-207.
L/1X: Work sts 107-175 once, sts 176-191 twice, then sts 192-206 once.
1X/2X: Work sts 112-175 once, sts 176-191 three times, then sts 192-205 once.

S/M: Work sts 1-96.
M/L: Work sts 204-208, then sts 1-101.
L/1X: Work sts 199-208, then sts 1-106.
1X/2X: Work sts 194-208, then sts 1-111.