Craft Errata: Knitted Socks East and West

Your edition of this book may contain errors in the following patterns; the corrections for these errors appear in bold type:

Fan Tabi Socks
Page 58, under GUSSET: After the first row, you will have 23-15-15-23 sts. After the next rnd, you will have 74 sts remaining, then 72 sts (21-15-15-21) after working the Decrease Rnd the first time. You will have to repeat the Decrease Rnd 6 times instead of 5, to end with 60 sts (15-15-15-15).

Under TABI TOE, RIGHT FOOT, Multi-Toe: Text should be as follows for first paragraph: Next Rnd: Needle 1: Knit to last 3 sts, skp, knit 1; Needle 2: K1, k2tog, knit to end; Needle 3: K5, transfer remaining 10 sts to st holder, CO 4 sts, transfer next 10 sts from Needle 4 to st holder, k5 from Needle 4—42 sts remain (14-14-14). After working the Decrease Rnd the first time, you will have 40 sts (13-13-14). You will have to repeat the Decrease Rnd 5times instead of 6, to end with 30 sts (8-8-14).

Page 62
When working Pattern A from the Chart, after working Rnd 30, move the first st of each needle to the end of the previous needle. Work Rnd 31 as shown in the Chart.”

Sumo Slipper
Page 134
The Chart should be labeled Pattern A (not Pattern B).

Page 138
In the first column, in the third line under Shape Calf, change “every 8 rnds 10 times” to “every 8 rnds 14 times“.