Craft Errata : Hollywood Knits Style

Your edition of this book (first and second printings only) may contain the following errors, which appear in bold type:

Knitting Needle Cover (page 23)
Under How to Knit, the second paragraph should read: Work in Stockinette stitch (knit one right side row and purl one wrong side row) for a total of 24rows (not 25 as stated).

Vintage Cap (page 29)
Under How to Knit, the first line should read: Using 2 strands of yarn held together and smaller needles, cast on 72 stitches.

Everything Bag (page 45)
The bag requires 8 skeins of Suss Charm (70% cotton/30% nylon; 2 ounces/46 yd), not four 4-ounce skeins as stated.

His and Her Dog Sweater (page 47)
The finished measurements for the dog sweater are 15 ¾” long x 14 ½” circumference
The last paragraph under Finishing should read: Work 1 row of single crochet around leg openings and bottom edge.

Red Riding Hood Scarf (page 53)
The finished measurements should read: 85 ½” long, 13 ¼” wide (hood), 10” wide (scarf).

Magic Wrap (page 56)
Whenever Suss Ull appears in the Stripe Sequence, use 2 strands of yarn held together.

Cozy Tweed Cardigan (page 61)
The cardigan requires 7 (7, 8) skeins of Suss Speckled (90% wool/10% cotton; 2 ounces/57g, 114 yards).

Bohemian Skirt (page 63)
The finished length should read: 23 (24, 25, 26)”.

The skirt requires 3 (3, 4, 4) skeins of Suss Spacedye (100% cotton; 4 ounces/114g; 188 yards/175 meters), color Earthtone and 1 skein (all sizes) of Suss Bomull (100% cotton; /114g; 190 yards/175 meters), color Olive.

Under How to Knit Front and Back, a line of text was omitted. Before the line “Change to Spacedye…”, insert the line: Work 10 rows total with olive.

The Classic Baby Set with Rubber Ducky (page 75)
The finished measurements should read:
Cardigan: Chest, 18”; length 9 ½”.
Pants: Waist, 18 ½”; length 13”.
The instructions for tassels were omitted from the Finishing section (page 77). The last paragraph should read:
Tassels: Cut 34 -10″ lengths of pink sherbert yarn. Divide into 2 groups of 17 strands.
Fold one group in half. Using a crochet hook, pull the fold through the upper corner of hat to form loop. Pull ends through loop. Repeat on remaining corner.

Hooded Flag Pullover (page 83)
Finished chest measurement should read: 28 (30, 32)”.

Midsummer Bikini (page 91)
Finished measurement should read: Top: 6” long (not 5” as stated).

Zip-Up Pullover (page 103)
Finished length should read: 24 (25, 26, 27)”.

Stitched Collar Pullover (page 107)
Finished length should read: 26 ½ (27 ½, 29)”.

The pullover requires 4 (4, 5) skeins of Suss Cotton in Watercress and 4 (4, 5) skeins of Suss Cotton in Black. The amounts for Red and Umber are correct as printed.

Keyhole Top (page 109)
Finished chest measurement should read: 26 (28, 30, 32)”.

Long Shawl-Collar Coat (page 113)
Finished coat length should read: 49 (50, 51)”.

Single strand of yarn is used throughout, not doubled as stated.

Double Breasted Cape (page 120)
The finished length of the capelet is 15”.

Incorrect information appears in the Materials section. The cape requires 4 skeins Cascade Yarns Pastaza (50% Llama, 50% wool; 100 grams/3.5 ounces/ 132 yards), color #65 burgundy. Use 1 pair of size 10 (8mm) needles (or size required to obtain correct gauge).

Marine Pullover (page 123)
The finished chest measurement should read: 44 (46, 48, 50)”.

Under Back on page 125, the second paragraph should read: Last three rows under Shape Shoulder and Neck. Place remaining stitches on a stitch holder for left shoulder. Working on right shoulder stitches only.
3rd Paragraph: At neck edge, bind off 6 (6, 7, 8) stitches once, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME, At armhole edge, bind off 10 (11, 11, 11) stitches every other row twice (the order is reversed due to the mistake above). Note:Check this-unclear

Pocket Pullover (page 127)
Finished chest is 30 (32, 34)”; length is 23 (24, 25½)”.