Lorri Antosz Benson

Lorri Antosz Benson is an award-winning television producer, writer, author, and former internationally syndicated columnist. Most notably, she worked for Donahue, the acclaimed show hosted by the legendary Phil Donahue, for fifteen years, eight of which were spent as Senior Producer. Lorri received two Emmy Awards and ten Emmy nominations for her work with Donahue, and was awarded the American Women in Radio and Television Commendation several times. She went on to write a nationally syndicated column for eleven years called "Talk the Talk," a behind the scenes look at the world of talk television. During that period, she also spent two years as the executive producer of Golden Lifestyles, a regional talk show in Southwest Florida. Lorri's first book, Distorted, was a memoir coauthored with her daughter Taryn, which delved into Taryn's struggle with an eating disorder and the effect on the family. They were featured on many national broadcasts, including the Today Show and the Montel Williams Show. Lorri's work has led her to become a family advocate and a speaker/expert on eating disorders, adoption, and resources for parents. She is founder and CEO of Family Matters, her family advocacy organization. She serves on the Parent, Family & Friends Network steering committee for the National Eating Disorder Association and is also on the board of Harvest Home, a Los Angeles-based organization which houses and assists pregnant homeless women. Lorri's latest book, Adopting Hope, is published by Familius Publishing and due Fall 2018. A tremendous resource for any parent, but especially for those in the adoption world, it is a collection of stories, lessons learned, tips, and words of wisdom from birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees from all over the country. This book follows To Have And Not To Hold, the first in a series of three books for those involved in adoption. To Have And Not To Hold covers the relinquishing of her first child, Aimee, for closed adoption, and the subsequent development of a flourishing relationship with her and her family, with a focus on the connection between the two mothers. Lorri also maintains a blog for empty nesters, Feathering My Empty Nest at She and her husband, Steve, reside in Santa Monica, CA. They have four children and five grandchildren.