Diana Lundin

After working as a reporter, a television producer and a website editor, Diana Lundin struck career gold when she returned to photography, her first love. After a few snake-bitten forays into other genres of photography, Diana's eureka moment came when she began photographing her neighbors's dogs and cats and knew squeaking plush toys and waving pheasant feathers would be something she would be doing the rest of her life. Diana began throwing Ice Cream Socials for Dogs in 2014 and gained a reputation in Los Angeles for her humorous images of dogs meeting the cone. She estimates she has photographed more than 400 dogs eating ice cream and she can never get over the expressions they make when their tongues meet the frozen confection. Besides her regular pet photography, Diana creates composite art through her The Secret World of Pets website. There, dogs and cats enter worlds that don't really exist but look as if they could. And maybe should. If you see a tuxedo cat or a black one on that site, they're hers. She makes Kiwi and Mango work. Ha.They don't work. But Kiwi will be the one to take a lick of ice cream.