Chloe Takahashi

Chloe Takahashi is a fashion illustrator based in New York City. She is originally from Japan and has an international following. Chloe has a unique background—she used to be a finance geek, and worked in investment banking for her earlier career. In 2019, she decided to pursue her passion for art and fashion, and made a career change to become an illustrator. After growing her Instagram community, she founded the online fashion illustration school “Chloe Takahashi Art Class,” where she teaches the fundamentals of line drawing and coloring in depth, along with secret tips accumulated over the years. She collaborates with fashion, beauty, and other renowned brands, editorial, and retailers, creating custom illustrations for their campaigns, installations, and consumer products. She also engages in live drawing at runway shows, brand activations, and corporate events.; Instagram @chloetakahashi_illustrator