In the Deep Blue Sea Jack and the Geniuses Book #2
  • Imprint: Amulet Paperbacks
  • Publication Date: October 9, 2018
  • Price: $7.99
  • Trim Size: 5-12 x 8
  • ISBN: 1-4197-3342-7
  • EAN: 9781419733420
  • Page Count: 336
  • Illustrations: one-color illustrations
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rights: World/All
  • Additional formats:

In the second installment of Bill Nye’s Jack and the Geniuses series, Jack, his brilliant siblings, and Dr. Hank Witherspoon go on an adventure to the remote Hawaiian island home of Ashley Hawking, a technology billionaire. Hawking and engineer Rosa Morris have built a revolutionary electricity plant that harvests energy from the deep ocean, but someone has been sabotaging the project. In their search for the culprit, Jack and crew venture 2,000 feet below the surface in a homemade submarine, attend the world’s strangest birthday party, and find themselves lost at sea. This fast-paced mystery forces Jack and his siblings to use all their brainpower and cunning to survive and find out who’s behind the sabotage. Like volume one, it includes detailed explanations of the real science and inventions found in the story, as well as an experiment that kids can do at home or in the classroom.

About the authors

Bill Nye is a science educator, mechanical engineer, television host, and New York Times bestselling author best known for his Emmy award-winning children’s show, Bill Nye theScienceGuy, and his new Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World. He currently splits his time between New York City and Los Angeles. Gregory Mone is a novelist and science journalist who has written several books for children. He lives on Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts.