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Archie Marries . . .
Archie Marries . . .
Authors: Written by Michael Uslan; Illustrated by Stan Goldberg and Bob Smith; Introduction by Danica McKellar
Imprint: Abrams ComicArts
ISBN: 0-8109-9620-0
EAN: 9780810996205
Availability: In Stock
Publishing Date: 10/1/2010
Trim Size: 7 1/2 x 11
Page Count: 208
Cover: Hardcover with slipcase
Illustrations: 200 full-color illustrations

About the book
The eternal love triangle that has been the cornerstone of Archie comics for almost seven decades is finally untangled in this seven-part story written by Michael Uslan and illustrated by veteran Archie artist Stan Goldberg. The journey begins when Archie finds himself strolling up Memory Lane, and marries the wealthy and cultured Veronica Lodge. Later we see what happens when he strolls down Memory Lane and marries the wholesome, peppy girl next door, Betty Cooper.


This pivotal series of seven issues is bound in hardcover, encased in a double diecut slipcase, and packaged with a reprint of a classic Archie comic. The book includes all-new material created especially for this edition, including script outtakes, never-before-seen sketches, annotations, vintage covers, and exclusive interviews with the creators.

About the author
Michael Uslan is a writer and the executive producer of the Batman films. He was the first instructor to teach comics at an accredited university (Indiana University in 1970). He lives in Montclair, New Jersey.


Stan Goldberg is a veteran comic book artist who has worked more than 50 years in the industry and is best known for his work illustrating Archie comics. He lives in Beechhurst, New York.

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