Future Starts Here
The Future Starts Here
Editor Rory Hyde, Mariana Pestana, and Kieran Long
  • Imprint: V & A Publishing
  • Publication Date: May 8, 2018
  • Price: $40.00
  • Trim Size: 8 x 10 38
  • ISBN: 1-85177-907-8
  • EAN: 9781851779079
  • Page Count: 192
  • Illustrations: 110 color illustrations
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rights: North America

Design plays an ever-increasing role in every aspect of our future. From our DNA to the cosmos, from our planet to our desks, our futures will be mapped by the objects we use and the people who build them. This book explores the diverse paths of future development, from corporate products to alternative bottom-up strategies imagined by individuals or small groups.

Looking at real objects being developed today—including a UAV (or drone) created by Facebook designed to beam the internet from space, to a robot developed by UC Berkeley that will do laundry—expert authors show how design and technology impact every level of life, from sub-microscopic aspects of the human body to the entire planet. Published to accompany a major exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, it asks how we can use technology to shape the future of our world. The staggering developments featured here are happening now, and although many seem to be straight out of science fiction, the fact is that we have the opportunity to learn about each one and have a say in shaping our own futures.

The book accompanies an exhibition on view at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, May 19 – November 4, 2018

About the author

Rory Hyde is curator of contemporary architecture and urbanism. Mariana Pestana is curator of The Future is Here exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Kieran Long is Director of Arkitektur-och designcentrum, The Swedish Center for Architecture and Design, in Stockholm, and former keeper of design, architecture and digital at the V&A.