Risk of Darkness A Simon Serailler Mystery
  • Imprint: The Overlook Press
  • Publication Date: March 5, 2008
  • Price: $24.95
  • Trim Size: 6.3 x 9.26
  • ISBN: 978-1-58567-927-0
  • EAN: 9781585679270
  • Page Count: 384
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Additional formats:

We met Simon Serailler first in The Various Haunts of Men and got to know him better in The Pure in Heart. Susan Hill is not afraid to tackle difficult themes, always prepared to face up to the dark realities in everyday lives-and even the terrors of the real world. Her third crime novel, The Risk of Darkness, perhaps even more compulsive and convincing than its predecessors, explores the crazy grief of a widowed husband, a derangement that turns into obsession and threats, violence and terror. Meanwhile, handsome, introverted Simon Serrailler, whose cool reserve has broken the hearts of several women, finds his own heart troubled by the newest recruit to the Cathedral staff: a feisty female Anglican priest with red hair. With the complexity and character study that got raves for The Pure in Heart, and with the relentless pacing and plot twists of The Various Haunts of Men, The Risk of Darkness is truly the work of a writer at the top of her form.