Rear Ends Found Photos
  • Imprint: Abrams Image
  • Publication Date: February 1, 2007
  • Price: $16.95
  • Trim Size: 8 x 6
  • ISBN: 0-8109-0926-X
  • EAN: 9780810909267
  • Page Count: 108
  • Illustrations: 120 Color Photos
  • Format: Hardcover

Rear Ends is a bottom's up to the backside! On the beach or in the backyard, clad in stripes, bloomers, or nothing at all, behinds are instantly recognizable and always amusing. From cute babies to playful adults who should really know better, the glutei maximi in all of these found photographs are seen bouncing on furniture or tumbling on the ground in impressive displays of gymnastic prowess.

Young, old, in black-and-white or in color, bottoms and the comedic possibilities they present are infinite and timeless. Quirky and charming, this cheeky collection of photographs is sure to appeal to anyone with a penchant for the posterior.

About the authors

Roger Handy is an artist and conceptualist whose previous publications include Made in Japan: Transistor Radios of the 1950s and 1960s. He lives in Los Angeles.

Karin Elsener is a Swiss-American graphic designer, mother of two, and self-described thrift store addict. She lives in Los Angeles.