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Mummies Exposed! Creepy and True #1

Mummies Exposed!

Creepy and True #1

  • ISBN: 9781683353751
  • Publication Date: May 7, 2019


Price: $8.99

Discover all the mysteries, facts, and discoveries about mummies that are creepy—and true—in Kerrie Logan Hollihan’s illustrated Mummies Exposed!, first in the Creepy and True series.

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about mummies, new facts are unearthed. Mummies Exposed! goes beyond the familiar Egyptian mummies and uncovers the secrets of mummified bodies from around the globe.

New technologies have uncovered fresh facts about old favorites, such as Ötzi the Ice Man found in the Alps, and recent findings have unearthed mummies rarely discussed before, like the Orlovits family of Vác, Hungary, laid to rest in a forgotten church crypt. Among those included are the first example of a Moche warrior priestess found in Peru, bog bodies that were preserved in Irish wetlands, the body of a Buddhist monk hidden within a sculpture, and more.

The Creepy and True series explores strange phenomena, fun facts, and out-of-the-ordinary discoveries. Read them all to uncover the creepy and true histories of mummies, ghosts, skeletons, and more!

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