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  • Publication Date: May 1, 2018
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  • ISBN: 88-7439-803-4
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  • Illustrations: 120 color illustrations
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Through the perceptive lens of art photographer Luigi Spina, readers discover nine of the most accomplished Hemba sculptures from the Luba region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The tall, standing male figures arguably rank among the noblest sculptural depictions of the human figure in sub-Saharan Africa; the classical style of Hemba works have triggered comparisons with the kouroi sculptures of ancient Greece. Spina’s photographic interpretations help us understand why these ancestral figures are seen as masterworks of African art. With their serene gaze and meditative expression, they exude tranquility and the dignity that befits idealized likenesses memorializing esteemed leaders of the past, who are believed to help their descendants navigate life’s challenges.

About the author

Luigi Spina is an acclaimed photographer based in Naples.
Constantine Petridis is curator of African art at the Cleveland Museum of Art.