Graffiti Paris
  • Imprint: Abrams Books
  • Publication Date: June 1, 2008
  • Price: $21.95
  • Trim Size: 7 x 10 14
  • ISBN: 978-0-8109-7089-2
  • EAN: 9780810970892
  • Page Count: 128
  • Illustrations: 350 Color Photos
  • Format: Hardcover

Graffiti artists in Paris, much like in New York and Los Angeles, have transformed urban spaces—sidewalks, metro stations, staircases, abandoned buildings—into showrooms that exhibit their work in all of its many mediums, from a proliferation of stickers to cleverly applied stencils to giant murals. In Graffiti Paris, Fabienne Grévy takes readers on a tour of Paris's street art, and also discusses the variety of unique sources that inspire the artists, including the cave paintings at Lascaux, nineteenth-century Japanese blockprints, and comics.

About the author

Fabienne Grévy is an art historian and photographer who has been following street art for the past fifteen years. Her photography of graffiti in Paris has helped legitimize the art form and has led to exhibitions in major galleries by such artists as Ernst Pignon, Mesnager, Némo, and Miss Tic.