Delicious Memories Recipes and Stories from the Chef Boyardee Family

Delicious Memories

Recipes and Stories from the Chef Boyardee Family

  • ISBN: 9781584799061
  • Publication Date: May 1, 2011


Price: $27.50

The Boiardi name has reached tables across America for more than 70 years. Most Americans have fond memories of this iconic brand, evoking nostalgia for a simpler time. From a very young age, Anna Boiardi spent countless hours helping her mother and grandmother, kneading and folding, and listening to stories as rich as the tortellini she and her mother would work to perfection. Now, for the first time, Anna brings us the authentic recipes that inspired the brand, including Ravioli with Ricotta and Squash Filling, Cotechino with Lentils, and Baked Fennel with Butter and Parmesan. Recipes for sauces, meats, and of course pasta dishes are just some of the secrets Anna shares in Delicious Memories.

Praise for Delicious Memories:

"Anna carried on her family's culinary tradition; her new book, Delicious Memories, is part cookbook, part family history, and part homage to her ancestors-immigrants who made their way in a new country."

"Delicious Memories . . . written by Anna Boiardi, the granddaughter of Mario Boiardi . . . is filled with fabulous-looking dishes that appear to not come out of a can."
-USA Today

"You won't find the secret recipe for Beefaroni in the book-but you will discover how to make the tomato sauce that turned her family into an American sensation."
-New York Post

"Aside from the classic fare, [Boiardi] includes some recipes for unexpected dishes such as potato salad Italian style, apple cider rosemary roast chicken, and baked cauliflower. Enhanced with striking full-color photos throughout, this loving paean to home-style Italian cooking and the culinary traditions of a family dynasty rooted in food offers just the right balance of nostalgia and appetizing recipes."
-Publishers Weekly

"If you've never been excited by Chef Boyardee's spaghetti and ravioli dinners, fear not-there's much more to the Boiardi family's recipes than what you've seen in the supermarket."
-Library Journal

"To Anna, food is not just a family business, it's a family passion, something that she has known ever since she was young and hopes to carry on for the rest of her life."
-Haute Living

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