Justin Schiller

JUSTIN G. SCHILLER is a collector and rare book dealer (Justin G. Schiller Ltd. is the oldest specialist in antiquarian children's books). He was one of the principal founders of the International Wizard of Oz Club in 1957 (in 1956, at the age of twelve, his collection of L. Frank Baum Oz books went on exhibit at Columbia University for the centenary of the author's birth). Schiller helped finance his college education by issuing rare-book catalogues from his dormitory. In 1964 he was one of two American undergraduates selected for an eight-week Shakespeare symposium at Stratford-on-Avon, graduating the following year with honors in English Renaissance literature. Schiller is the author of a number of journal and magazine articles, including "Sendak All Around" (2003), as well as the catalogue Sendak in Asia (1996), and the books Realms of Childhood (1983), Nonsensus (1988), Digging for Treasure: An Adventure in Appraising Rare and Collectible Children's Books (1998), and Pioneering Collectible Children's Books (2002). Since 1967 he has compiled catalogues for various museum exhibitions throughout the United States and the world.