STC Craft Errata: Custom Knits 2

Your edition of this book may contain errors in the following patterns; the corrections for these errors appear in bold type:

Staghorn Vest
Page 74

The key for the REVERSE STAGHORN CABLE chart is mislabeled. The key should read Knit, Purl, FC, BC.

Page 96

Under Andalusian Stitch (worked flat), Row 4 of the stitch pattern should be knit (not purl)

Zuma Tunic
Page 103

Under NEEDLES, delete the entire last needle entry (you do not need size US 4 needles). Under GAUGE, delete "using larger needle".

Under YOKE, the fifth line should read: sts for Back, pm, 2 (4,4,4,4,2,2) sts for Left Sleeve

Page 105, under SLEEVES, 1st line of instructions should read: Transfer Sleeve sts from waste yarn to needle(s).

Converting Gauge
Page 113
Under ADJUSTING SHAPING WITH SUBSTITUTION YARN, the third paragraph 6 lines down should read "Increase 4 sts this row, then every 8 rows 3 times…"

Page 114
The first line of the second paragraph should begin, "Since with your yarn and your needles you have a row gauge of 7 rows per inch…"

Eyelet Cardigan
Page 121
Under SLEEVES, instructions should read:
Transfer 62 (68, 72, 70, 66, 68, 72) Sleeve sts to needle(s) .With RS facing, rejoin yarn at center of underarm, pick up and knit 2 (5, 5, 8, 12, 14, 14) sts from sts CO for underarm, knit to end, pick up and knit 2 (5, 5, 8, 12, 14, 14) sts from sts CO for underarm—66 (78, 82, 86, 90, 96, 100) sts. Join for working in the round; pm for beginning of rnd. Work even for 7 rnds.

Lemon Drop
Page 134

Under BRIM, instructions for rounds 1 to 7 should read:

Rnds 1-4: Work Gumdrop Pattern.

Rnds 5-7: Work Garter st, beginning with a purl rnd.

Repeat Rnds 1-7 until piece measures….(continue as written)

Page 137

Under CAPELET, 6 lines down, the text should read: Change to larger needle and St st…