Windows on Nature The Great Habitat Dioramas of the American Museum of Natural History
Windows on Nature
The Great Habitat Dioramas of the American Museum of Natural History
  • Imprint: Abrams Books
  • Publication Date: April 1, 2006
  • Price: $45.00
  • Trim Size: 11 x 10
  • ISBN: 0-8109-5940-2
  • EAN: 9780810959408
  • Page Count: 180
  • Illustrations: 200 photographs, 85 in full color; 15 black-and-white illustrations, 180 pages, 11x10"
  • Format: Hardcover

New York City's American Museum of Natural History is a national treasure, attracting four million visitors annually. Its dioramas—a dazzling mixture of nature, science, and art—have inspired young and old alike, and are world-renowned examples of the unique diorama craft: art in the service of science. Now, in the only book of its kind, readers get an insider's view of these "windows on nature," witnessing their creation step by meticulous step.

More than forty of the museum's finest dioramas are featured here, depicting the fauna and flora of myriad ecological environments. Stephen Quinn, a diorama artist at the museum, introduces the explorers, naturalists, painters, sculptors, taxidermists, and conservationists behind these three-dimensional marvels, and explains how their collaborations make the displays so lifelike. This enchanting book is the perfect souvenir for anyone who's ever been awe-struck at the museum—or wished they could visit in person.

About the author

Stephen Christopher Quinn joined the staff of the American Museum of Natural History in 1974. As senior project manager for exhibitions, Quinn oversees all aspects of new diorama creation, conservation, and restoration. A longtime member of the Society of Animal Artists, Quinn lives in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.