Violet: Welcome to our website!

Katie-Rose: Search around...

Camilla: Click on different things. Like us, even!

Yasaman: Thanks for stopping by! Luv ya bunches!!!


Activities: Um, spending time with my dad, putting together outfits, writing poetry, making funny voices
Likes: Haiku, making new friends,my mom’s parmesan chicken. NOT In-N-Out Burger.
Luvs: My mom. (I miss her.) my dad. my super fabulous flower friends!
About Me: Sometimes I come across as tough, but I’m not. I’m good at crying silently, that’s all. But I don’t have as much to cry about as I used to, which is a very excellent thing.

*all about Violet screensaver :)
*all about Violet in widescreen!!


Activities: Videoing everything that happens, to prepare for my career as a cinematographer, eating Cheez-Its, staring pointedly at Max’s pink plaid socks.
Likes: Tie-dye, YouTube, iMovie, blogs, instant messaging
Luvs: Do I have to spell it out? my awesometatiousful flower-power friends! Der! Also the color yellow. sunshine yellow, like my video camera. Oh! and the most awesometatiousful-est website EVER: LuvYaBunches.com!!!!!!
About Me: One day I want to be a cinematographer . . . or a producer, or a screenwriter! Back-up plan: President of the United States.

*all about Katie-Rose screensaver :)
*all about Katie-Rose in widescreen!!


Activities: Dance class, practicing pop star moves in the mirror (but ONLY when no one’s watching), daydreaming
Likes: Pandas (the animal, NOT the club), the beach, Mom Abigail’s sparkly lime green scarf with pink flowers, Mom Joyce’s awesome convertible. (Max.) (Don’t tell!!!!)
Luvs: Tally, my orange-and-red wooden bobble-head turtle. ALL turtles. And my BFF’s, of course!!!!!!
About Me: Sometimes I worry. Um, maybe more than sometimes. I’m getting better, though. And it’s all thanks to flower power!!!!

*all about Camilla screensaver :)
*all about Camilla in widescreen!!


Activities: Working on web design, building my very first website, blogging, creating new smilies. Spending time with my little sister.
Likes: The Internet, computers, HTML, Turkish apple tea, the color orange, Miley Cyrus.
Luvs: My little sister Nigar, my family, my cat, Blackberry, books, school. FROGS. and my besties, Katie-Rose, Milla, and Violet!!!!!!
About Me: My favorite time of day is when I get home, because after I take off my hijab, and after I fix my little sister a snack, and after I do my chores . . . After all that, I get to sit down at my computer and it’s . . . ahhhhhh. Paradise.

*all about Yasaman screensaver :)
*all about Yasaman in widescreen!!
Luv Ya Bunches

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