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Wary Meyers' Tossed & Found
Unconventional Design from Cast-offs
Wary Meyers Tossed & Found
Authors: By Linda and John Meyers
Imprint: Stewart, Tabori & Chang
ISBN: 1-58479-808-4
EAN: 9781584798088
Availability: In Stock
Publishing Date: 9/1/2009
Trim Size: 10 x 10
Page Count: 208
Cover: Hardcover with jacket
Illustrations: 250 color photographs

About the book
What some view as trash, Linda and John Meyers see as raw material. The wife-and-husband team—subscribers to the “reduce, reuse, recycle” ethos—have perfected a design strategy that will save you money, help the planet, and provide hours of DIY fun. The strategy? First, visit a yard sale, construction-site dumpster, or even your own attic. Select something that somebody (even you) thought had outlived its usefulness. Then, transform that castoff into a piece that’s interesting and usable.
In this witty book, they apply their ingenious approach to seating (a chair made from pool noodles), lighting (a lamp from discarded pastry bags), storage (an umbrella stand from industrial steel pipe), tables (a wall-mounted table from a rusty basketball hoop), and all manner of decorative objects (Astroturf pillows, a pickle-jar terrarium). These super-clever authors show you that with a little ingenuity and elbow grease, everything old becomes new again.

About the author
Linda and John Meyers are the design team behind Wary Meyers Decorative Arts, based in Maine, and are also well known for their interior design business and for their customized pet portraits. They have been featured in the New York Times, Interior Design, Vogue, and Domino.

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