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United Cakes of America
Recipes Celebrating Every State
United Cakes of America
Authors: By Warren Brown; Photographs by Joshua Cogan
Imprint: Stewart, Tabori & Chang
ISBN: 1-58479-839-4
EAN: 9781584798392
Availability: Out of Stock
Publishing Date: 5/1/2010
Trim Size: 9 x 10
Page Count: 224
Cover: Hardcover
Illustrations: 50 color photographs; more than 50 recipes
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About the book
Loving cake is a natural part of Warren Brown’s constitution. Now, in order to form a more perfect union of flour, eggs, butter, and sugar, he’s offering his unique take on classic dessert recipes from all fifty states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.
Starting out with Baked Alaska (what else?), Brown tours the whole country, updating regional confections like King Cake (Louisiana), Lady Baltimore Cake (South Carolina), Mud Cake (Mississippi), and Key Lime Pie (Florida). There are official state desserts (Maryland’s Smith Island Cake; Massachusetts’ Boston Cream Pie) and unofficial favorites (New York–style Cheesecake; St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake), as well as an ovenful of brand-new baked treats that Brown has created to honor specific states’ agricultural bounty (Avocado Cupcakes for California; Huckleberry Cake for Idaho). Eye-catching photos, informative sidebars, and a separate section on buttercream frostings complete the mix.

About the author
Warren Brown left a career in law to pursue his love of baking. In 2002, he opened his first bakery, CakeLove, and he now has seven shops in the greater D.C. and Baltimore areas. The author of CakeLove: How to Bake Cakes from Scratch, he lives with his wife in Washington, D.C.

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