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Royal Jewels
From Charlemagne to the Romanovs
Royal Jewels
Authors: Edited by Diana Scarisbrick, Christophe Vachaudez, and Jan Walgrave
Imprint: Vendome Press
ISBN: 0-86565-193-0
EAN: 9780865651937
Availability: Out of Stock
Publishing Date: 9/1/2008
Trim Size: 9 x 10 1/2
Page Count: 272
Cover: Hardcover with jacket
Illustrations: 290 full-color and 25 black-and-white illustrations
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About the book
A spectacular celebration of European jewels, from Charlemagne to Louis XIV to Catherine the Great.


For centuries, the wealth, power, and prestige of European monarchies was concentrated in the jewels that hung from their necks, decorated their clothing, and dripped from their fingers—often into the waiting hands of favorite courtiers. From the weighty, gem-encrusted gold crowns of medieval kings to glittering diamond tiaras of Belle Epoque princesses, Royal Jewels shows the exquisite range of gems worn by Europe’s fabled monarchs.


These are the dazzling remains of a lost era—when gems were powerful tools in the game of royal politics, and when the gift of jewelry bestowed far more than wealth on the recipient. Gems expressed court favor, strengthened international ties, and embodied the power of kings long dead and conquerors in the making. With over 300 exquisite photographs and edited by a distinguished group of experts, Royal Jewels is an incomparable examination of an incredible art.

About the author
Diana Scarisbrick is a well-known jewelry historian, author, and curator. Christophe Vachaudez, an author and curator, specializes in royal European jewel collections.  Jan Walgrave, Honorary Director of the Museum of the Diamant in Antwerp, is a jewelry curator and author.

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