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More Modern Top-Down Knitting
24 Garments Based on Barbara G. Walker's 12 Top-Down Templates
More Modern Top-Down Knitting
Authors: By Kristina McGowan, photographs by Anna Williams
Imprint: STC Craft
ISBN: 1-61769-033-3
EAN: 9781617690334
Availability: In Stock
Publishing Date: 11/5/2013
Trim Size: 8 1/2 x 9 7/8
Page Count: 160
Cover: Hardcover
Illustrations: 75 color photographs

About the book
Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top, originally published in 1972, is a treasure trove of inspiration about the technique of knitting garments from the top down (for example, knitting a sweater from the neck down to the hem or a hat from the crown down to the brim). In 2010, STC Craft published Kristina McGowan’s successful Modern Top-Down Knitting, a collection of fashion-conscious top-down designs inspired by Walker’s book. Knitters not only loved the technique, which allows for easy, try-on-as-you-go custom fitting, but also applauded McGowan’s modern sense of style. For More Modern Top-Down Knitting, McGowan has dug even deeper into Walker’s iconic work—this time challenging herself to design two garments based on each of Walker’s 12 basic top-down templates. The results come together to form a fresh, stylish wardrobe that includes everything from sweaters and dresses to capes, skirts, hats, and even pants and shorts.

Praise for More Modern Top-Down Knitting:

More Modern Top-Down Knitting is a beautiful book, featuring exciting and eminently wearable designs for knitters who enjoy self-expression in their craft. The directions are precise but flexible; the garments are highly fashionable; and the pictures are glorious. I am especially delighted to be honored as an ‘inspiration’ for Ms. McGowan; but indeed her own creativity is very much on display here. The book is a great gift for any knitter.”   —Barbara G. Walker, author of Knitting from the Top, the Knitting Treasuries, et al.

“Lovers of top-down knitting—and those who have yet to learn!—will find a wide range of lovely stylish projects in Kristina McGowan’s second homage collection, inspired by Barbara Walker’s classic book Knitting from the Top. The designs in More Modern Top-Down Knitting are wearable and intriguing, with delightful pattern stitches and simple, yet couture-like touches. A warm and beckoning book, suffused with McGowan’s enthusiasm and her elegant approach to knitwear.” —Deborah Newton, author of Designing Knitwear and Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters

“Take one look at the gorgeous skirt on the cover of Kristina McGowan’s More Modern Top-Down Knitting and you’ll have insta-knitting book crush.” —Craftsy.com

“This book takes its time and I encourage you to do the same with it. I spent a morning reading it from cover to cover. This book is full of beautiful writing, photography and patterns.” —Knitty.com

“Kristy is an amazingly talented woman . . . a really nice book.” —KnitCircus.com

“The stunning result is 24 modern designs that are feminine with classic embellishments and minimal finishing. Knit gorgeous cardigans, stylish skirts, and more.” —Knit ’n Style

“Experienced knitters will drool over it.” —DallasNews.com

About the author
Kristina McGowan is a New York City–based knitwear designer. Her first book, Modern Top-Down Knitting, was published in 2010 by STC Craft.

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