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Lars Bolander's Scandinavian Design
Lars Bolanders Scandinavian Design
Authors: By Heather Smith MacIsaac; Principal Photography by Staffan Johansson, Åke Eson Lindman, Lars Ranek, and Solvi dos Santos
Imprint: Vendome Press
ISBN: 0-86565-258-9
EAN: 9780865652583
Availability: In Stock
Publishing Date: 9/1/2010
Trim Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Page Count: 192
Cover: Hardcover with jacket
Illustrations: over 300 full-color illustrations

About the book
Clean, elegant lines, delicate color schemes, well-proportioned, light-filled spaces, and natural materi­als—the hallmarks of Scandinavian design are unmistak­able. As the trend in residential design continues to move toward pared-down, comfortably elegant, environmentally friendly homes, the Scandinavian aesthetic has become a global influence in interior design. Lars Bolander, one of Sweden’s foremost interior designers, has been creating the Scandinavian look in homes all over the world for decades. In this impressively illustrated volume, he and author Heather Smith MacIsaac, a former editor of House & Garden magazine, share their expert knowledge of the very best in Scandinavian design, past and present, offer­ing guidance on how to achieve the Scandinavian look, incorporate the trademark elements into any decor, and mix and match traditional and modern, humble and grand.


Praise for Lars Bolander's Scandinavian Design:


 “A private, exclusive tour of the best of Scandinavian design. . . . This book is a new treasure for my design library, one I will refer to over and over.” ~ Bunny Williams


“A sophisticated volume . . . an in-depth, intelligent, and informative look at the design sensibilities found in Scandinavian domestic furniture and decoration. . . . Lars Bolander surveys all of this with his keen . . . eye and finely honed historical knowledge, and the results are breathtaking.” ~ Martha Stewart



“From his captivating shops in New York and Palm Beach, Lars Bolander has won an army of converts to his seductive vision of Scandinavian design, antique and modern, rustic and urbane. In this book, he brings that world of style vividly to life with images of some of the most magical and inspiring environments to be found there, from the light-dappled elegance of Gustavian interiors to the inventive purity of the very best in contemporary architecture.”
~ Hamish Bowles



“Lars Bolander’s handsome and intelligent book tells the story of Scandinavian design and its influence—in the past, in the present, and leading into the twenty-first century. A product of a northern world separated to a great extent from Europe, Scandinavian design looked to the styles of the French court in the eighteenth century, but developed its own style with an adaptive simplicity that has given it a place unto itself in the history of design, as beautifully visualized on the pages of this book.” ~ David Easton


“Lars has the magic formula for combining the sophisticated Gustavian style with the rustic charm of the Scandinavian countryside. Just perfect!” ~ Juan Pablo Molyneux

"He creates both classic and new looks, as well as bringing the traditional pieces into the 20th century (which I love)!" ~ MadebyGirl

"Lars Bolander is the go-to person for Scandinavian decor in America." ~Veranda

"It's total design porn at its finest." ~ Everything LEB 

"Gorgeous." ~ Annechovie 

"A visual delight." ~ Swedish Interiors by Eleish van Breems 

"A lovely read and must-have reference and inspiration guide for any design library." ~ Hampton Hostess 

"One you'll want to add to your library." ~ From the Right Bank 

"Wonderful." ~ Rita Konig (interview with A Lovely Being)

About the author
Lars Bolander is known for bringing a Swedish neoclassi­cal sensibility to his designs. The Lars Bolander stores in New York and Palm Beach feature a sophisticated mix of antiques and modern pieces, textiles, and decorative arts.


Heather Smith MacIsaac writes on design and travel for Elle Décor, Travel & Leisure, and other publications.


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