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Jewels of the Tsars
The Romanovs and Imperial Russia
Jewels of the Tsars
Authors: By Prince Michael of Greece, ,
Imprint: Vendome Press
ISBN: 0-86565-171-X
EAN: 9780865651715
Availability: Out of Stock
Publishing Date: 10/17/2006
Trim Size: 10 x 12
Page Count: 192
Cover: HC-Cloth with Jacket
Illustrations: 175 full-color illustrations, 192 pages, 10x12"
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About the book
The world’s fascination with the Russian imperial family endures, and with this stunning book a new spotlight is added. Jewels of the Tsars, the first book to examine the family’s unparalleled collection, is illustrated with extraordinary photographs taken under special conditions at the Kremlin’s Diamond Fund, and accompanied by 18th- and 19th-century portraits and photographs of the Tsars, their families, and their court. Prince Michael of Greece, a Romanoff descendant, writes with an insider’s knowledge of his family’s passion for rare and beautiful jewels, and their place in the troubled history of Imperial Russia.

About the author
Prince Michael of Greece is the grandson of the Grand Duchess Olga, the sister of Nicholas II, and of King George I of Greece. His mother, Princess Françoise of France, is the sister of the Count of Paris, the Bourbon claimant to the French throne. Prince Michael lives in Paris.

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